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Body's kundalini spiral bands are DNA of The Universe

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    http://www.Givnology.com/wholy.htm [Broken]

    Sure, that's simple. Focus on bringing in lunar nose, then solar nose, and be the DNA microcosm of the universe, surrounded by spiraling energy bands (not snakes!), and finally consumated in the crown where they're "making out." Well at least there is a goal to make it up there! he he..

    From all the reading (and writing) I'm doing, I think this book: "Kundalini, The Arousal of the Inner Energy" explains the above best. The only slight unclearness of THIS book is that it uses special characters like d with a dot under it, m with a dot under it, and lines above some vowels. I loved thinking of prana as pray-na and kundalini with the line over is kundalin-I eh? he he.. I looked into the codes in HTML for special characters, I got a basic line above which you see in the above text. HTML doesn't seem to have an a with a line above, so I have to figure out how to solve this.. while leaving it all HTML.. perhaps in my quotes I'll just put dot-below and line-above as characters AFTER the letter, as I did above. Ideas?

    May all your Pray-na be joyfully fulfilling. Amen. And so it is. Love n light, Teo :wink: :wink:

    http://www.Givnology.com/wholy.htm [Broken]
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    You might try the LaTex fonts. They have all that stuff: [tex] \d{m}, \bar{a}, [/tex], and so forth.
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    Wow, thank you VERY MUCH! This may solve things. I'm also working on Yoruba that has up and down accents on everything including "n!"

    Balance and fulfillment to all, Teo :)

    ps. I've done incredible updates on my Karma Wash (Wellness / Chakra balancing page) and Body Music (Chakra / Music correlations) at http://www.Givnology.com [Broken] do yourself a favor and visit them! peace
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