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Bogus email notification about threads with no new content.

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    Here's an example. Look at the timestamp of my post #60 in this thread:

    About an hour later, I got "update" email from PF notifying about this thread. But why? The timestamp on the email was about an hour after my most recent access of that thread. So why is PF emailing me? This sort of thing has been happening for ages, and it's a bit annoying.

    Can this be fixed?
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    It's possible someone replied and then immediately deleted their post.
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    Or one of the Mentors deleted the post because it was spam or otherwise problematical. This morning I deleted a spam post advertising video streams and banned the poster, about two minutes after he posted it. :devil:
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    Hmm,... like I sometimes do when I decide I've been too harsh...

    Anyway, thanks for the replies guys.
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