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    "Overly Speculative Posts:
    Physicsforums.com strives to maintain high standards of academic integrity. There are many open questions in physics, and we welcome discussion on those subjects provided the discussion remains intellectually sound. Posts or threads of an overly speculative nature will be moved to the Theory Development subforum without notice, where discussion may continue in quarantine. Forum staff may choose to lock threads in the Theory Development subform when they decide the topic has run its course. Advertisements of personal theories and unfounded challenges of mainstream science will not be tolerated anywhere on the site, including the Theory Development subforum. Users may not create threads in the Theory Development subforum. "

    This is one of the most elitist things I've ever heard in my life. This person want's to live in a society where only thier ideas count. "If I didn't come up with the idea then no one can. I want all the ideas for me. Whhaaaaaa."

    The whole point of a forum like this is the free exchage of ideas in the hopes that a new direction may be found to solve a problem or a set of problems. That is how science moves forward, not by stifling the ideas of the many by the few who think that they are the only ones who know anything in their little club.

    Even Einstien didn't come up with his ideas all by himself. He built upon the ideas of others. http://www.physics.unr.edu/faculty/winterberg/Hilbert-Einstein.pdf [Broken].

    Oh, and don't bother sending me the e-mail that you've kicked me out of the club.
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    Speculative posts = welcome
    OVERLY speculative posts = not welcome

    In running "a forum like this" you find that it can quickly be overrun with junk. The creator of this forum wants quality, science-related discussions, so he made it a moderated forum. There are pleny of un-moderated forums available on the internet if you do not like this format.

    If you look around, you'll see that we are not preaching dogma. But this forum is not a soapbox for nonsense.
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    But that's my point. What's considered NONSENSE is relative. Who determines what is nonsense and what isn't. Anytime anyone in history has come up with a new idea the majority of the population has called it nonsense. But a lot of those ideas turned out to be true. When the physicists of the world are excluding anyones ideas but their own they are no longer scientists. They are now politicians.

    I posted a theory on this board yesterday and the moderator locked it and gave me a "warning" because he didn't agree with it. He's only intersted in ideas that HE considers not to be NONSENSE. BOGUS !
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    I was the one who locked your thread and gave you the warning. I stand by that decision. Please take the trouble to learn a bit of physics before offering up your own "theory" of gravity.

    In order maintain some level of scientific integrity on this site, the moderators must perform some level of triage on all posts. There are plenty of sites out there in "the blue nowhere" with an "anything goes" policy. This is not one of them.

    If you truly think you've made a real contribution to physics, don't give up. Work out the mathematical details, make quantitative predictions, get it published. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.
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    I won't take sides on this, but here's my opinion. I don't believe scientific proposals that are contrary or different than the mainstream should squashed. Over the history of scientific research, the greatest discoveries were often the most contrary to the mainstream of the time. If you need some examples look at Galileo who was put under house arrest for his theories of how the solar system works. Another good example was Darwin's theory of evolution. Even now, after all this time, people still debate evolution and at the same time it has brought us more knowledge about organisms and has allowed us to neatly organize them in a hierarchial structure.

    Now on the other side, if someone comes here and presents a theory on why 2+2=5, that would be frivolous mathematics and deserves to be locked up. I have a theory I'm working on which allows for negative time. I'd hate for my topic to be locked up because most people think the idea is ridiculous. I will, of course, provide hard numbers to prove my theory if it works out.

    Looking at this from another angle, we have many young people all over the world even in Middle School who have ideas which may add greatly to our scientific knowledge, but they haven't learned enough mathematics to rigorously describe what they are saying, and they should not be penalized for it. Rather, it would be very good if those who are knowledgeable pitch in and help the person learn the math so that a potentially fruitful theory can come to life.
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