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Bohemian Intellectual Mathematics and Occultism

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    "Bohemian" Intellectual Mathematics and Occultism

    There seems to be a difference in the cultural genre of mathematics in recent history. Going back to arround the mid 19th Century the Annals of Mathematcis have been archiving journals in "higher mathematics", high-high mathematics actually the highest......so high that access to currents from the periods b4 the 1990's have an specified-only-access system to protect this information from any undesireable institutions, researchers or mathematicians even. A kind of Euro-only and industry-centered mathematics cult appears to be coveting these publications and the Anals are just the surface-undergound front for a deepest level archive.

    There are mathematical mystics ammongst the background of academic society that dwells on a higher level of academic life. Many of these bohemian geniuses produced equations and some even had their knowledge stollen by these "mathemagical" cult groups. Hence mathematics as we know it is for the student, teacher, professional in the industry, but the secret stuff dwells on a high intuitive level of lexicography and semiotics.

    This is what I will reffer to as "intellectual mathematics", a kind of late Avante Gardeism in function theory and analysis that flourished in the 1950's, the 1960's, 1970's, and the 1980's a bit too. Schools of analysis from Poland, underground fractal maths comming out of Russia and many other countries dealing with mathematical intuitions and model theories that our academies have no access to as text nor access mentally to know the language.

    What I am talking about here my friends is math as a non-industrial interest relations field, math as quasi-academic, independant and having a verry apparent philosophical, hermeneutic, semiotic, and linguistic repetoire. These texts may be on microfiche, they cannot be downloaded as PDF's or anything else. However, there are allways intentional mistakes that have occured in the Springer Verlag monographs from the 1970's, im not sure what publishing houses permitted this or who "disappeared" for making such publications available, but it can and has happened. Mathematical illuminaries are far beyond the calculus, the algebraic equations, differential geometry etc. all fall to pieces within these genesis level math systems.

    And the Kabbal that archives and progresses this secret knowledge have prodigies from outside academia to write texts for them, highly cryptic texts and symbols you aint ever seen, and believe me I have seen it all, everything from the halls of higher surface to the highest underground maths. It might be important for me to note that these 20th Century periodicals are not mathematics as we know it. Most of the value of these texts is their heuristic and crypto-interpretive stylism.

    All of the prised and respected mathematical foundations for QST and QFT all fall apart, and all of their field invariances, all of their incongential inconsistencies collapse with this coveted occult mathematics. Because durring those years (1950's-1980's), mathematicians and mystics basically devoted a culture on the outer limits of academic discourse that was extremally philosophical and the transformational grammar used to write these text underwrite the integrals, convergences, inversions, limit theorems, scalars, and analyticity in math as we know it.

    Intellectual mathematicians didn't start with symbols and relations and go on to develop integrals, vector products, and calculative tensors, toplogy etc. they underwrote all that with language, with plane worlds; ie. their math was very wordy.

    And the words, itallics, brackets, all that they used to delineate their theorems were intellectually rendered from a philosophy of hermeneutics, interpretation and inversions for even inverse theories reduced to lexical discourses. This was the mathematics which founded number theory, this was the mathematics that was hijacked by the illuminised occult industrial-logicians math of calculator result methods. It is offten said that the highest math dwells in intuition, in descriptive propositions that are linked to a kind of mysticism, a mysticism that speeks in strange terms, deffines mathematical processes in a language that no mathematician can easilly decipher; without years of focus on that one text that managed to make it to the presses.

    Basically the purpose I am written this post is to inspire you. To inspire you to make up your own rules, re-engineer the theses on calculus and analysis and algebra to that of a Pythagorean mysterium or a Plotinus. I can just see the mathematicians as philosophical heretics, with pipe tobacco kits and long overcoats writting up abstract and yes deviant theories that nobody can understand. I hope this post inspires some to think outside the unit cube into the abstract unit box. Inspiration from Doob, Iwahori, Ward, and those without names recorded who could have changed the world.

    Specific Moral of the story is this:

    mathematics is a discourse, it is becoming a computational industrial discourse and wavering it's intelligencia. Be creative, use your imagination, and have fun because thats the highest form of intuition, that is were your theorems will happen. If the occult circle of illuminised mathematicians allready have the TOE {using anti-gravity, UFO's, ghosts, crop circles etc.} then it is up to us to take it back by writting the equations and monographic texts that will reallize TOE from the coming-to-itself of all abstractions of language, a theory for the origination of human language and semiote as radical discursive work.

    Good Luck -
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    Could you please give some more specific examples of:

    How are "underground fractal maths" different from the surface fractal math?
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    This thread had been left exactly as it should have- untouched- for over a month. Please do not encourage this nonsense by asking questions as if there were really something to it.
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    Please don't tell me what to take interest in. I can agree that this post doesn't belong in the math section, it is more of a paranoid philosophy than math, but it is not entirely non-sense. Mathematicians and Mystics have occasionally had collaborations on the fringes of the academy. Universities do have predudices and preferences about which areas of math are more important/useful/relevant, which leaves many new/different aproaches neglected. I believe that it is merely a practical necessity, certain approaches have to taught/developed over others. It is not a conspiracy as Ramanujan12 suggests. And while there may not be any real "Avante Guarde mathematicians" in the sense that Ramanujan12 uses the term, there is interest in mathematics by so called "intellectuals" and literatii. And I believe that they are sometimes influenced by developments in math.
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