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Bohm mechanic is that true?

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    Bohm mechanic......is that true?..

    i have been interested about bohmian mechanics.. i do not know why is not taught at university or why is taken appart in benefit of the ortodox (and non deterministic quantum mechanic)..in fact i think that there is no a physical argument that says this theory is bad or that can not be admitted (in fact are not the results the same as the normal theory?)..i would like something to explain me why this theory is not accpeted. thanks..
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    What are postulates of it, what are fundamental differences with the ortodox one?
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    The main objection to it is that it violates relativity. The "pilot wave" communicates with the particle FTL. Most physicists think that relativity is about as well established and experimentally supported as a theory can be, and don't see any reason they should adopt a theory which, by construction, makes no observable predictions that quantum mechanics doen't make, and has that flaw in it.
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    Then why to keep it if no facts?
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    Yes Bohmian theory it is agains relativity..because the formulation known is for a not relativistic particle..we still need a relativistic formulation for the pilot wave.

    If the result of bohmian..are the same why accept it?..in fact because it gives a completely deterministic view of quantum..and could be more easy to generalize to get a quantum gravity.

    The only objection to it would be that provided completely different results from the ortodox quantum mecanics..meanwhile we should take it into account..i i think it should be taught at university.
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