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Homework Help: Bohr Model of H-atom

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    [SOLVED] Bohr Model of H-atom


    Would anyone be good enough to explain why the 1s2p splitting in a hydrogen atom is 3/4 of the total binding energy?

    Would it have anything to do with the Rydberg energy?

    E = - 13.6eV/n^2

    I appear to have floated through my degree blissfully unaware of electronic configurations and their associated energies. :rolleyes:

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    That's the key. Use it to calculate the energy difference between the 1S and 2P states.
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    Ok, so

    E(1s) = 13.6/1^2 = 13.6
    E(2p) = 13.6/2^2 = 3.4

    dE = E(1s)-E(2p) = 10.2

    dE/E(1s) = 3/4

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