Bohr Model Vs. Shrodingers Mech. wave model

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    In Chemistry class i was assigned a essay. This essay was comparing and contrasting the mechanical wave model to Bohrs model of an atom. some things i have now are
    -Unreliable for finding electrons in orbits
    -Dense core with protons
    -ability to predict electrons locations
    -Waves and particles

    How many orbitals does the wave mechanical model have vs bohrs?
    Thanks in advance

    Essay so far

    Bohr created his model with the ideas that there is a dense center of protons. He also believed that electrons orbited the nucleus in a fixed path. Schrodinger made a model in 1926; the advantage of this model was the ability to predict electron positions using the Schroedinger function. Shroedinger built on the ideas of other scientists like de broglie he agreed with his model saying electrons can be both particles and waves.
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