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Homework Help: Bohr Radius Question

  1. Feb 6, 2016 #1
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    I'm doing a homework problem where it asks to calculate the diameter of a hydrogen atom with n=600. I used the equation $$r=\frac{n^2a_0}{Z}$$ where $$a_0=0.529e^{-10}m$$.

    Solving for r yields:


    Multiplying by 2 to get the diameter yields:


    However, the answer given says that d=1.90e^-5m, but how can this be? I know that the equation above yields the radius of an electron's orbit, but why would they claim that it's the diameter? Did I miss something?
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    I guess they mixed diameter and radius in the problem statement. Or did they use helium? I don't see other options to get a factor of 2.
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