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Bohr's hydrogen model

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    Provided the electron absorbs light of frequency ##f##, if the electron's initial energy was ##E##, is the energy now ##E + hf##? In other words, does it absorb all of that energy?
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    Yes.It absorbs all energy
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    Do remember, however, that Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom is mostly of historical interest - it pointed people in the right direction a century ago, but it is not what's really going on. So if you find contradictions and problems as you think through the implications of RyanH42's (generally correct) answer... That's to be expected, and indeed these difficulties are part of what motivated the physicists of the era to keep on looking, and how we eventually came to first Schrodinger's equation and then the modern understanding of both quantum mechanics and the hydrogen atom.
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    I dont know QM.So as Nugatory said I considered Bohr Atom Model.
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