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Bohr's model

  1. Mar 23, 2006 #1
    a question asks if the Bohr model contredicts in any way classical physics.

    i replied that only the first assumption that the electrons are fixed in circular orbits violates the laws of classical mechanics - of the idea of centripetal acceleration (???)
    am i right to say that?
    did i miss anything else? :-S
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    What do you mean? The Bohr Model REQUIRES centripetal acceleration
    (caused by electric attractive Force) to obtain these circular orbits.

    The Bohr Model (as any other model) ADHERES TO classical Physics,
    and imposes ADDITIONAL limitations, restrictions, or conditions ...
    in particular, each electron must extend all the way around the orbit.
    (otherwise the changing Electic & magnetic fields would radiate Energy.)

    Textbook authors like to treat the "non-radiating electron orbit" statement
    as a restriction on "allowed" orbits, rather than as describing an electron.
    But in doing so, they hide the explanation of why some orbits don't radiate,
    and they do not foreshadow the deBroglie wavelength analysis.
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