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Boiler Dosing Tank Liner

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    I have an old tank on site that is in need of some TLC. Its a dosing tank for our aux boiler. It has a good bit of surface rust but its nothing a grinder cant fix. Does anyone know of a product I could line this tank with? Maby some sort of spray on product or a product that can be laid up?}

    Tank is roughly 1m diamter and 2m tall.
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    If no answer here, maybe try a d-i-y site. I'm not in the UK but I sometimes ask handyman questions on the uk usenet group, uk.d-i-y and they are very helpful.
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    I don't know what a dosing tank is, and therefore not the chemical/thermal/etc. resistance you need. There's a spray-on material for lining pick-up truck beds. It's incredibly tough and easy to apply. I think that the brand name is Rhino.
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    Sorry, dosing tank is used to mix chemicals, in this case Phosphate or Morpholine and pump it into the boiler to condition the water to get proper ph and such.

    The tank is exposed to room temperature and is made of steel.
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