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Boiler monitoring

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    sup y'all :yuck:

    i'm a newbie. im a graduate from South Africa and dooing my intenship with a mining company in South Africa. i just need ur input....... jus read below:shy:

    iv gt a personal project into the monitoring of boilers more effectively and in real-time. i thought of using piezoelectrics as the medium. wat i need help in is deciding whether to use the piezo-material as a sandwich in the boiler shell or just glue it on the shell of the boiler.
    what i plan to achieve is a real-time monitoring of the boiler in terms of the stresses and strain incurred in the boiler while in operation.

    i will appreciate ANY comment or maybe a different idea i need to look into.

    many thanks
    dalisu (South Africa)
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    Why not simply go with strain gauges? Why bother with piezo, which, I don't think will be applicable to what you want to do?

    I would look at pressure (strain gauge based) and temperature (thermocouple) measurements for your actual process measureables and, if desired, strain measurements at various points on the boiler via foil strain gauges.
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    but strain gauges need an amplifier and piezo's dont?
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    Piezo's need charge amplifiers. The charge that is created when a piezo is deformed is very low and not really useable. You have to amplify that as well. No matter what data acquisition you end up doing (unless of course it is simple gauges and hand recording) you will always need

    - Signal amplification
    - Signal conditioning
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    what exactly are you trying to monitor? Temp? you can use an acoustic pyrometer. if you want to measure side wall flex you can use load cells, high temp of coarse. probably some with low deflection also. there are a few companies that deal with this. what type of boiler? small power plant?
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    da boiler is a fire-tube boiler of rating 20tons/hr of steam at a working limit of 1400kPa. there ar seven of these for a refinery plant.
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    oohh ja, is there a rule of thumb or a ratio for how many piezoelectric materials show one use per area of model?
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