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Boiling points of water

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    I have to state if the "assertion" is true or false and as well the "Reason" if it is true or false. However, i also have to note if the reason is the correct explanation of the "assertion"
    The "assertion":

    Decreasing the atmospheric pressure on a pot of boiling water causes it to stop boiling.

    The "reason":

    Because changes in pressure are directly related to the boiling point of water.

    Is the reason a correct explanation of the "assertion"?

    The "assertion":

    Catalysts speed up or slow down a reaction.

    The "reason":

    Because they change the temperature of the reaction.

    Is the "assertion" true and the "reason" false?
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    i would say both are false,
    by definition, a Catalysts speeds up a reaction, it doesnt slow it down.
    and the way a Catalysts speeds it up isnt by changing the temperature.
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    If you decrease pressure liquid water turns to vapor. So it will NOT stop boiling, it will increase boiling.

    Catalyst speeds up reaction by lowering the activation energy. Has nothing to do with temp.
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    I think i understand the boiling point thing now.... thanks!
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