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LaTeX Bold Writing in Latex

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    Would you please explain
    #: number sign shortly ns
    1. How can I put a two-word phrase into bold type using number sign? I try to demonstrate it with using name of sign instead of sign itself.
    nsns I come nsns

    Above will appear as ## I come ## but I want it seem properly, abstract and all bold.
    I know this nsns I nsns nsns come nssn but this is not practical.

    Thank you.
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    nsns\textrm{ I come }nsns ##\longrightarrow \textrm{ I come }##
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    But in the above you put longrightarrow code into ##, but longrightarrow appears out of it. Would you explain this?

    Thank you.
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    It isn't out of it, it starts right before the arrow and ends after \textrm{ }. Since there are no other mathematical symbols, only text, it might appear as outside.
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    Long arrow does not work now. Would you explain how this happens and function of the double #?

    \longarrow ##\textrm{ I come }##[/QUOTE]

    Thank you.
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    jack action

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    You can also write nsnsI\ comensns which gives ##I\ come##. The space remains when preceeded by a backslash but you still keep the italic (variable notation).
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