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Bolt and through rod design

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    hi ,
    I am a student of mechanical engg. n im doin internship in a crane manufacturing company , i was given a task of placing a bracket for monorail crane on a column . . the max. load for one bracket is 45567Newtons . i have to use bolts or through rods to mount this bracket on a column of width 1450 mm . can any one pless help in how to do the design calculations and also how to choose the bolts and nuts
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    ibrahimmaster: First, draw a dimensioned diagram of your proposed design, and draw a dimensioned free-body diagram (FBD). Next, using your FBD, compute the forces and moments applied to the joint. After that, perform a bolt pattern analysis, to compute the stress on the bolts. You will need to use your background knowledge from university. State the bolt (and through rod) material tensile strength property class, or state the bolt (and through rod) material specification name and number.

    By the way, text messaging shorthand is not allowed on Physics Forums (PF). Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are required. See the PF rules. There is no space before a comma nor before an end-of-sentence period (but there is one space after).

    Also, Newton is a man, whereas newton (N) is a unit of force. Always use correct capitalization for units. And always leave a space between a numeric value and its following unit symbol. E.g., 45567 newtons, not 45567newtons. Or e.g., 45567 N, not 45567N.
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