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Bolt from Blue

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    there was a guy i saw with long beard ,uncombed hair,,dirty shirt and smelling..he carried a bag which was torn at various places with the look of a beggar..it was a very unpleasurable to see him....
    one day i was attending one conference where papers were being presented on condensed matter physics ...and there was one student who did all the research wasn't present there and when on stage his mentor called his name to his surprise he wasn't there..

    I was walking with my friend and i saw the same guy again sitting in a corner near a pool,,and my Friend said this is the same guy who has done all that..The thoughts which all were there instantly changed..he told me that guy is the most brilliant student of physics and he had never seen such a devoted student in his life..and he is going for phd either at Mit/Princeton..

    But i think why he is that way,,like when he sits in class ..within a radius of 2 m no body sits around him..he is always alone..i haven't seen anyne like this before..
    or does he do this to look Geek..
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    Well there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity. Actually, it sounds like Asperger's syndrome - a person can be intellectually on top, but completely opposite socially.
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    He is socially interactable..whenever a faculty faces any problem or has any confusion he clears the doubts and always helps guys around and people do come him for his help....but who will like to meet a person who doesn't take a bath for months..don't change his shirt for weeks...if i will get a chance i will post his picture then you will believe..
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    Hey why don't you approach him and respectfully ask why he dresses and acts that way? Maybe he has good reasons? Whatever, it's better to jaw-jaw than the war-war, as the PM said. Speculating about him on a forum like this seems just rude to me.
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    Adjoint,,i think going over to him and asking why he is always like that will be more rude..i believe there is nothing wrong in seeing people and trying to analyse why they are so..
    But my point was from positive side,,and your reply focussed on other side.
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    maybe he just doesn't care about his look and knowledge is far more important to him that pleasing you with nice smell and high-level clothes? There is many people like that, although maybe not as brilliant as him, sometimes you just want to know, not just try to impress others. Why do we always have to be the same? His world, his life, his clothes, his brilliance. By the way, how would you like to see him and why did his style get on your way?

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