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I Boltzmann brains duplication

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    I posted a thread regarding freak observers or BBs but now I can't find it despite searching intensively. Despite that, the theme in this thread will be mainly different than on that thread so I will jump to the question.

    It is supposed in cosmology that for a theory to be valid it must yield more regular observers than Boltzmann brains. But is that enough?

    For instance, we know that the overwhelming majority of Boltzmann brains will have disordered consciousness and observations, vastly different than what we experience. So the minority of BB observations will be like our.

    Now suppose that the number of ordered human observers throughout the history is a extremely large number. So large that all the observations that we consider normal and possible brain/mental states that are ordered have been realized in the history of our universe, but without duplication of humans.

    So the overwhelming minority of BBs that are ordered would be let's say, 1 percent of the total number of BBs - the total number of BBs is smaller but approximately identical to the number of normal observers. Then the BB minority would have a ratio of 1/100 to normal observers. If all the possible normal observers mental states have been realized there would be a real, real chance of duplication of a brain of an ordinary observer - so even the theory where BBs are in a minority would have some ludacris consequences.

    So my question is - what is wrong with this reasoning, and what is really meant when it is said that normal observers should outnumber BBs - do they have to outnumber them by a very, very big number so that the eventual duplication should become extremely unlikely, or is it extremely unlikely that every human brain configuration (or every possible person for that matter) is realized before the thermal equilibrium.

    Thanks for the patience.
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