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News Bomb blasts in Delhi

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    I am saddened by this vile act of the Islamic terrorists. Is there any place on Earth where Muslims are not murdering infidels or one another?

    The low response to your post is because the liberals cannot blame the tragedy on President Bush; therefore it is of no interest to them.
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    I think most of us are still trying to deal with this statement in the article.
    'Liberals' tend to wait to find some facts apparently and not to comment on things that are mere 'suspicions' in some sort of kneejerk condemnation of what happened.

    Are you even aware of any of the political machinations within the country that could be the cause of the bombing?

    But if you feel you have some more evidence or another link that may enlighten the posters here, please ... feel free to post it.
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    Yes, of course it could even have been Disney who did it.

    Since the Sikh riots nearly every bomb attack on civilian population in India especially north India has been carried out by Muslim terrorists. There is no reason to think that this time it will be different.
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    http://au.biz.yahoo.com/051030/17/c8bo.html [Broken]

    http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia/article323453.ece [Broken]

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    Bush is attacking ''secular'' countries, e.g. Iraq and Syria, so he strengthens the extremist organizations.

    Half of the victims in this attack are Muslims who prepare for the feast after few days. Furthermore, this Kashmiri organization is not well known till now. The problem of Kashmir is based on nationalism, the same as Chechanya , but they use also the religion to get more support.

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    Is there any place on Earth where Muslims are not murdering infidels or one another?
  9. Oct 31, 2005 #8
    Rwanda, Ugnada, Bosnia, Kosovo ...........

    Bush administration murdered civilians in Iraq in last 2.5 years more than the terrorist attacks in the last century. The same about Israel...

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    Oh! Oh! Call on me!

    Maybe the United States? Unless, of course, you mean to include all murders committed by muslims, in which case your question becomes vacuous. After all, muslims are murdered by muslims in every country (probably), but the same can be said of white people, etc.
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    Already forgotten 9/11?
  12. Oct 31, 2005 #11
    No. But I am remembering the fact that GENIERE said "are murdering" in his statement. There are no Muslim terrorists currently attacking the United States. There are, no doubt, Muslims currently killing people in the United States, but as I said, that's also true of whites, christians, etc.

    Surely you don't mean to include all acts of murder ever committed? Already forgotten the Crusades?
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