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Bombarment of beta particles against a alpha target

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    How would you target and isolate a new particle when using beta particles against a alpha target (negative vs positive)? I know you would have to use a particle accelerator of somesort. Im interested in different particles that can be targeted using a particle accelerator.
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    Well, basicly you can take any bunch of paticles,
    accelerate them and smash them at each other.
    This proccess may result in the discovery of new
    particles. But, the particles from the explosion
    are not "captured" in the sense I think you meant.
    The resulting burst of energetic particles is
    captured by multiple layers of various materials
    surrounding the area and these are in turn surveyed
    by powerful computers. By observing the path - its
    form, lenght, size and effect on the material particle
    physicts are able to identify each particle.

    Here's a link on this subject you may find usefull:

    Live long and prosper.
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