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News Bombed Iraqi wedding video released

  1. May 23, 2004 #1
    http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/0B044E19-B5FE-48E7-855F-5C86AB522F04.htm [Broken]

    Well, there you have it. They may have blown up forty-odd people, but they were baaad. Right.
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    It's a war zone.If it was a legitimate target, that's what you do.
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    Did you miss my earlier post about Australians serving in combat roles in Iraq?
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    Forty-five people killed including the cameraman and the film is miraculously intact. I quess the film must have been store in one of those airplane 'Black Box's'.
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    You know, the Al Queada training manual has chapters about blending in with your surroundings. Things like having doctors papers if you live near a hospital, instruments, photos and videos of your family, and all kinds of things that will sway public opinion in your favor.
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    At a gas station, an attendant asked Mr. Jabbar about the reporter with him. Mr. Jabbar answered that the reporter worked with a foreign newspaper.

    "It's the first time I have seen a mujahid in the same car as the foreign media," the attendant said.

    it seems at least possible that both accounts are true. Among the dead, by several accounts, was Nazar al-Khalid, a well-known Iraqi wedding singer who often traveled to Syria.


    Among the dead was Hussein Ali, a popular wedding singer.


    Seems someone didn't get their story straight.
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    Since you did not actually read the earlier post...

    In Iraq, an Australian was leading a fighter strike against a ground target whch US intelligenec had claimed was a valid target. The Australian, upon reaching the target area, could not himself verify that it was a valid target. Against further orders from the US military, he called off the strike. Every soldier has the right, and the duty, to do just this. We were taught to not even put a finger inside the trigger-guard unless we had verified the target. It's a simple rule.
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    Blow up your house with a brick of C4, and I can still read your hard drive. Ferro-magnetic recording devices are generally quite stable, unless subjected to a strong EMP.
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    You possess a terrorist training manual?
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    Yes, they blew up singers, organ players, guests, and others.
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    Nobody flying in a fighter jet can confirm whether the tiny dot is a civilian or a terrorist. The australian pilot could well have let enemy soldiers escape which caused the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of friendlies! :approve:

    http://www.usdoj.gov/ag/trainingmanual.htm [Broken]
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    Perhaps they shouldn't be firing at dots if they can't decide whether or not they're friend of foe. What a novel concept.
  16. May 24, 2004 #15
    How did AP obtained the video ?
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    don't you people realize? We are at war. It's perfectly ok to drop a bomb into a civilian zone because we just might be able to kill off a terrorist. False positive happens but that's not a problem at all. I mean, the civilians killed could one day become terrorist right? Might as well lower the odds when we fight the next generation of terrorists.

    Terrorist shouldn't conceal themselves. They should gather up nicely in an open area so we can carpet bomb the place. They thought they are smart but not as smart as my smart bomb. It's so simple to kill them all and answer questions later. Freedom had never been easier to obtain. We will liberate Iraq from Iraqis.

    Iraq is a shining example of what the Arab nations should expect from us. If you don't bent over, we scream UN resolution violations then kick you in the face. If you do bent over, we will violate the useless UN resolutions then walk all over you.

    God told me invading Iraq is a good idea. God bless America

    :uhh: :uhh: :uhh:
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    I must say, that is it just a coincidence, or does Al Queada tend to hide their forces and wepond in civilian filled places? Take the examples of when they hid weapons under a school, or the ones in a spare classroom, or the times they hid out in holy places??? Hmm...I find that rather coincidental...
  19. May 24, 2004 #18
    Yes, they can. More importantly, they can confirm that there is doubt as to the validity of the army intelligence. You don't need to confirm they're valid targets. You only need to confirm that you can't be certain. Then you back off. This is why Australian troops didn't blow up bus-loads of Iraqi civilians.

    Or he could have killed a civilian wedding party.

    Thanks. I wonder if it's genuine, or, given Britain's proven capacity to forge documents and lie, something they cooked up for the publicity.
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  20. May 24, 2004 #19
    Who told you they hide weapons in such places? Was it by any chance the US military, just after the US military blew up such places?
  21. May 24, 2004 #20
    Thanks very much. :D
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