Bond Dissociation Energy of 2Cl: 58 kcal/mole

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Given: Cl2 = 58 kcal/mole ------> 2cl

1. 58 kcal/mole is the bond dissociation energy T F

2. 58 kcal/mole is an entropy term T F

3. this reactin is endothermic T F

I don't understand get it! Any help woud be appreciated.

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Did you mean to write [tex] Cl_2[/tex]+58 kcal/mole [tex]\rightarrow[/tex] 2 Cl?

If so, then think about what it means. What is happening when [tex]Cl_2 \rightarrow[/tex] 2 Cl?

What are you doing with the energy?

Can it be the 'entropy' term?
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Thats one notation. Most textbooks nowadays would say

[tex]Cl_2 \longrightarrow 2 Cl \ \ \ \ \Delta H^0 = +58 \ \ kcal/mol[/tex]

to avoid confusion about the "energy" change in the system. (At constant pressure, enthalpy = heat added or lost)

A positive enthalphy change corresponds with heat being absorbed by the system. A negative enthalpy change corresponds to heat being released by the system.
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Thanks for the explanations :). The formula makes sense now!

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