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Bond Structure Confusion

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    These 'triangles' are the way of representing a 3-D structure.

    A full wedge represents an atom that is coming out of the plane (or closer towards you) while a dotted wedge represents an atom that is behind the plane (or further away from you).

    By representing like this, we can see a 3-D structure formed. In the case of SF4, the structure is tetrahedral (pyramid like).

    I guess you haven't been taught of this but this is how we have to represent molecules in 'A' level.
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    You can compare that with this: 150px-Silicon-tetrachloride-3D-vdW.png
    The center is Si and the four greens are fluorine.
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    Thanks a lot!!!
    @Nguyen Quang: You're right.I'm 15, so I don't know the A level stuff yet
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    Just be careful, SF4 does not have this structure, but SiF4 does...
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