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Bondi radiatiang line element

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    Some knows how to Bondi deduce his radiating line element? I read some papers and there isn't any hint about hit.

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    Thanks of your time with this question. My problem is that Bondi metric has de following form:

    [itex]ds^2= (\frac{V}{r} e^{2\beta}-U^2r^2e^{2\gamma})du^2 + 2e^{2\beta} dudr+ 2Ur^2 e^{2\gamma} du d\theta -r^2 (e^{2\gamma} d\theta^2 + e^{-2 \gamma} sin^2 \theta d \phi^2) [/itex]

    All these g01,g00,... are function of u,r,θ. And the form of these coeficients is to preserve the signature and for later convenience, as came on his paper http://rspa.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/269/1336/21 . But it is not clear about the chosen form, and I couldn´t understand how he derived this coeficients.

    Wiht best regards.
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