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Homework Help: Bonding Angles

  1. Nov 19, 2007 #1
    CF4 is it 109.5 degrees for the angle
    NH3 109.5 degrees for this angle
    SO4^2- 109.5 for this angle
    NH4+ 109.5 degrees for this angle
    H2S 180 degrees for this angle
    PO4^3- 109.5 degrees for this angle
    HCl 180 degrees for this angle
    NF3 190.5
    SiH4 190.5
    BF3 190.5
    C2H6 190.5
    C2H4 190.5
    CH2O 190.5
    I dont think I am doing these right can someone show me please
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    Well do you understand the molecular structure or the electron configuration b/c that will help you understand the angles. Also the angle represents the the lowest electron repulsion. You could basically look this up in your textbook...
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    Please write down the original question EXACTLY as it was given to you. We have no idea what angles you are refering to. Also, show us how you arrive at some of those angles, so we can help/correct you.

    Also, HCl has only 2 atoms - there are no bond angles to speak of.
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