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Book about hypnotism

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    When I was a teen, I read a book about hypnotism that my parents had. I tried to hypnotise my sisters but it did not seem to work with them.
    Anyone here had any experiences with hypnotism?
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    You had me right up to the 2nd paragrah. Hypnostism I can accept. Not an out of body experience. It is possible that the bruise came from her mind. Because if the mind makes it real, it is possible the body would register it as real. But it all seems a bit wild to me.
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    It is hard for me to believe too zantra.
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    Teach me how.....

    If all you are saying is true, can you teach me how to hypnotize someone? :)
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    the being being hypnotized needs to be both suggestible and willing at the time of the hypnotism.

    see the exorcist for an example of a hypnotism. in a way, it's a form of meditation, an altered state of consciousness. in this state, you're supposedly more in touch with your subconsciousness. using that connection, you can find out more about yourself. and it is definitely possible to hypnotize yourself.

    i like the old school term, mesmerize. i get mesmerized staring at a candle or by staring at math...

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