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These threads would be organized/archived by book.
This would be the place for asking a question, or making a comment/point, that comes up while reading a particular math/science book.
It is therefore quite different than, e.g.,'s book reviews.
This would help especially those who are self-studying by reading.

Tom Mattson

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I've always liked that idea. I tried doing it a couple of times, but I've never been able to see it through until the end of the book. :(

vanesch used to run QM and QFT discussion groups based on Sakurai and Peskin and Schroeder, respectively. He did that on, IIRC. If someone wants to lead a group here, I'm all for it.
The way I was thinking it could work on PF would not require a leader, or to any one person to get through a book. Anyone could create a new thread for the book they wanted to raise a question on or to discuss, assuming that book did not already have a thread. As time went on, a books' thread would accumulate more questions/answers and more discussions, thus becoming more useful. Earlier posters could receive emails as the thread was updated. Rather than create a new website, much of the machinery to do this seems to already exists on PF.

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