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Book Collecting

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    A quick query, I collect rare books and am looking into making another purchase.
    Does anyone know what this is:
    perhaps an old magazine or something, and if you know what it is does anyone know its current worth and/or if that price is reasonable.
    Same quesiton on reasonable price for:
    http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=17-9781135537135-0 (i question this since onle 140 for 11 books seems like they must not be very lucrative)

    I will purchase one of the above just need to see if anyone has any input before I decide, I try to do research before I make an investment.
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    If your looking to make it a investment, pay special mind to the condition, and edition. Physics books will not jump a whole lot in price over the course of your lifetime, so make sure you buy what you like. My personal choice would be, Physical Papers of Henry Augustus Rowland, First Edition. I find the price is at the high end, tho it is a hard book to find in good condition.
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    Thats the spirit, I only buy what I really enjoy. That way I'm not so worried about the price. My best deals have come from second hand stores, or places that don't deal in books. they honestly didn't know what they had.
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    Thats a really good point about second hand stores. Only thing I have access too is garage-style sales, there is a saddening dearth of second-hand dealers in my area so online is my main source of literature.
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