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Book for Algebra I?

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    I need a book to self-study, because in Physics we don't have this discipline. The only mathematics I learned were linear algebra and calculus for multivariate functions. The things I need to know are (these is my university's Algebra I):

    - Integers
    - Groups, rings and fields
    - Polynomials' ring
    - Partially ordered sets

    Thanks :smile:
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    I would highly recommend a book written by a professor at the University of Calgary, who I actually have the privilege of taking Algebra I and II with, called "An Introduction to Abstract Algebra". http://www.amazon.ca/Introduction-A...=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319237465&sr=1-3

    It has a very good introductory section that introduces notation and any pre-requisite knowledge on Sets, Proof Techniques, Mappings, Relations, etc. before actually jumping into the content and it is highly recommended for self study. I'm sure you can find a cheaper version somewhere... that is an extremely overpriced copy listed on amazon.
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