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Book for magnetism in materials

  1. Jun 13, 2012 #1
    I am looking for a good book that covers magnetic properties in materials. I've taken E&M (we used Purcell), and it only covered magnetism in materials briefly.
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    Ashcroft and Mermin has a reasonable section on magnetism. If you are looking for something more detailed, then these are pretty good:

    http://books.google.fr/books/about/Magnetism.html?id=DkDsLQEACAAJ&redir_esc=y [Broken]


    You can look at a few sample pages here:

    http://grenoble-sciences.ujf-grenoble.fr/ouvrages/extraits/37232031.pdf [Broken]
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    my free suggestions

    1)Science for Everyone – Nature of Magnetism- M. I. Kaganov and V. M. Tsukernik


    2)Three Thousand Years of Magnets – V. P. Kartsev


    3)Magnetism of Elementary Particles – S. V. Vonsovsky


    there is no copyright on these books. Viva La Soviet Union :tongue:
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