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News Book group?

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    While looking through the philosophy threads I noticed that there was a book group involved in discussions on Kant/Math and it got me to thinking. There have been a few discussions of states rights and I have recently learnt of a book called Republic of Republics, which was written in the late 1800's. It tries to argue the case for state rights without using the usual sources, it tries not to use any statements made by Madison, Hamilton and others in favor of the federal constitution while operating in their official capacities since the author felt those to be biased towards the adoption of the constitution. He also doesnt use quotes from the opposition such as Patrick Henry and others for basically the same reasons as he felt they where biased by their opposition to the new constitution and to go further he didnt include Jefferson since he was not in country when the debates were happening and when he did return was involved in partisan politics. It seems like an interesting premise to me, and as such I have started to read the book. I was wondering if anyone else in this forum might be interested in joining me in a group to read and discuss it. There is a copy of it on google books for free but if your more like me and hate to read for very long on a computer it is also available as a new re-print in a few different locations on the web for around 25$.
    So does this sound like something some of you might be interested in?
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