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Book Names

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    Hi, just wondering if anyone would happen to know of some good books on semiconductors/intro semiconductor physics. Any names would help a lot tnx.

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    There's Kittel and Ashcroft & Mermin to start you off on solid state physics. There's chapters in both that deal with semiconductors - this is probably a pretty good place to start.

    Then there's Simon Sze's Physics of Semiconductor Devices and I like Davies' Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors.

    I've also read some of Bhattacharya's Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices and thought that was okay.

    There's one more text I used some years ago - can't remember the name...
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    Hey thnx so much Gokul i really appreciate it. I will search those books at either half.com or amazon. Have a great day.

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    Dr Transport

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    One of the better books out there is Fundamentyals of Semiconductors by Yu and Cardona. It assumes a fair amount of background knowledge but is a solidly written text that connects theory and experiment.
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    Hi, tnx for the help Doc, i will def. add to my order from amazon.

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    "Solid-State Physics, An introduction to principles of materials science", by Ibach and Luth is pretty good. The third ed. has good sections on semiconductor/physics.

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