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Aerospace Book on aerodynamics

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    heyy guys,
    i am a mechanical engineer...i love aerodynamics...and i have completed reading introduction to the aerodynamics of flight-theodore.a.talay....i know all the basics somewhat....i am taking part in SAE Aero design competition next year....can you tell me what to read next....so i have enough skills to design an rc aircraft..the competition requires you to do wind tunnel testing and cfd analysis....also doing fluid mechanics course in college..thanks
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    You should look into Ref. [1] for aircraft design at a basic level. For aerodynamics, look at Ref. [2,3].

    [1] Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders, D.P. Raymer
    [2] Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, John D. Anderson
    [3] Theory of wing sections, Abbot and Von Doenhoff
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    I would suggest you get Simons, Martin; Model Aircraft Aerodynamics; Nexus Special Interests; Herts, England; 1994. An excellent book, a lot of illustrations, pretty much the bible of the radio controlled aircraft community

    Also. I would recommend Lennon, Andy; Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design, Practical Techniques for Building Better Models; Air Age Inc; Wilton, CT; 1996. An excellent design guide for R/C Aircraft

    Some other books I would recommend are the following:
    • Ashley, Holt and Marten Landahl; Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies; Dover Publications, Inc.; New York, NY; 1965
    • Ashley, Holt; Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles; Dover Publications, Inc.; New York, NY; 1974
    • Von Mises, Richard; THEORY OF FLIGHT; Dover Publication Inc.; New York, NY; 1995
    • Smith, Hubert C.; The Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics, Second Edition, Tab Books; Blue Ridge Summit, PA; 1992

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    for aircarft design i suggest you (along with abve listed)
    1) Aircraft Design Projects for engineering students - Lloyd R. Jenkinson,James F. Marchman
    2) Aircaft Performance and design - J D Anderson
    3) The design of the aeroplane - Darrol stinton
    4) Aircraft design (i think auther is cork)
    5) aircraft design: a conceptual approch - D P Raymer

    the books listed by cyrus is imp books but for the SAE design compition you also require these buks also as to design whole aircraft
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    thanks a lot
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