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Book on Cable properties

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    Hey all,

    I'm doing an investigate into lock-in amplifiers and am looking for a book, or journal, which has a collection of properties/ characteristics for cables?

    For example, i'm particularily looking for a reliable source to quote the speed of propagation of a particular co-axial cable!

    I've had a thought about using the latest edition of the Handbook of chemistry and physics; but am not hopeful it will contain what i need!

    Hopefully someone has encountered a relevant source


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    Welcome to the PF.

    It would probably be easiest to look at the datasheets for the cables you are interested in. You can find the datasheets at the manufacturer's websites. Belden is a big manufacturer of cables, for example.
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Cheers, I will have a look thank you.

    I thought i'd just check, Is it acceptable to quote a manufacters reference sheet in a journal?
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    Hmm, that's a good question. I would think so, as long as the datasheet is stable. Datasheets for Cat-5 and Cat-6 twisted pair cables are quite stable. Standard types of coax cable like RG-8 should also have very stable datasheets.
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    I've found a datasheet with what i'm looking for, thanks...

    As for the referencing i'lll investigate further whether or not I can reference it; like you said if it's reliable i don't see why not!

    If worse comes to worse, ill reference it and hope for the best!

    Thanks again for the quick reply
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    In case of doubt, quote the data sheet with whatever product number or release date the manufacturer put on it.

    When the properties change, the manufacturer should either change the product number or re-release the data sheet with a different publication date.
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