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Book on Gravitation

  1. Jul 23, 2004 #1
    Hello all!
    I bet this is incorrect forum to post the question like this, but i hope moderators won't punish me too much for this :redface:
    i wonder, does anybody of you have a printable version (with good quality!) of Gravitaion (von Charles W. Misner, Kip S. thorne, John Archibald Wheeler) in english?
    I tried googling, altavisting etc, but found nothing that made sense...
    Thanks in advance for cooperation :)
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    I'm pretty sure the book is not online. AFAIK it is still in print.
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    hmm...we haven't had a good flogging in a while...
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    erm... hmm... actually it seems to be a good tradition, and... i wonder, why starting with me? :rolleyes:

    that's bad... because where i live, not only "radar can't pick us up", but also this book is a rarity (to say nothing of it in english!)... so i'll have to print it in other languages :)
    thanks for reply :)
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    I'm curious. What are some languages in which that book is
    available online?
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    for now i have russian version, but it is available only in *.djvu format, with poor quality...
    it's one of the books in http://ftp.kinetics.nsc.ru/chichinin/pmlic.htm
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    thanks for your reply, Hemmul.

    I tried google-searching for an English version too
    and had the same disappointing result as you.
    there used to be a "Physics Napster" thread at
    PF, I have lost track of it now. It might have a lead.

    Yes, here it is:

    The trouble with this thread is that it is very long, so
    it takes a while to scroll through it. I cannot say what
    all is there. I do not have big hopes that it has the book
    but it might be worth the effort of looking through it.
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  9. Jul 25, 2004 #8
    Thank You very much for Your help and Your time, marcus!
    I'll now work through the thread you pointed...
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