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Book on lie groups

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    I'm taking a course on Lie Groups and the Representations. We are using the book: Representations of compact Lie Groups by Bröcker and Dieck, and I find it very unorganized and sometimes sloppy. Can anybody recommend a very clear and rigorous book, where it is not prove by example, "it is easily seen", etc.

    I have taking a course on manifolds and riemannian geometry so i'm not a complete novice in the field of differential geometry.

    I've been thinking about the book Compact Lie Groups by Sepanski, anybody got a comment on this book?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I know next to nothing about the topic, but I am a professional mathematician and thus understand the value of expert treatments.

    hence i would suggest looking at the books by great experts like chevalley, weyl, serre.

    such books tend to be hard and condensed , but well organized and authoritative.
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