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Book On MOS

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    Guys can you suggest me some nice book on Mechanics of Solids!
    I find "Crandall and Dahl" doesn't go deeper in explaining basic concepts!
    I am looking for a which maintains balance between depth and applications!
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    If you could clarify what you mean by balance between depth and applications, I could recommend several books.

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    Simply that it doesn't go in too much of depth,but it goes enough to clear my concepts and has got nice examples and questions.
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    This text is a classic
    George Dieter, University of Maryland---College Park

    I Mechanical Fundamentals
    1 Introduction
    2 Stress and Strain Relationships for Elastic Behavior
    3 Elements of the Theory of Plasticity
    II Metallurgical Fundamentals
    4 Plastic Deformation of Single Crystals
    5 Dislocation Theory
    6 Strengthening Mechanisms
    7 Fracture
    III Applications to Materials Testing
    8 The Tension Test
    9 The Hardness Test
    10 The Torsion Test
    11 Fracture Mechanics
    12 Fatigue of Metals
    13 Creep and Stress Rupture
    14 Brittle Fracture and Impact Testing
    IV Plastic Forming of Metals
    15 Fundamentals of Metalworking
    16 Forging
    17 Rolling of Metals
    18 Extrusion
    19 Drawing of Rods, Wires and Tubes
    20 Sheet-Metal Forming
    21 Maching of Metals

    Then there are -

    Ferdinand P. Beer,
    E. Russell Johnston, Jr., University of Connecticut
    John T. DeWolf, University of Connecticut


    1 Introduction - concept of stress
    2 Stress and strain - axial loading
    3 Torsion
    4 Pure bending
    5 Analysis and design of beams for bending
    6 Shearing stresses in beams and thin-walled members
    7 Transformation of stress and strain
    8 Principal stresses under given loading conditions
    9 Deflection of beams
    10 Columns
    11 Energy methods

    warning - energy methods may be inappropriate in some applications, particularly where plasticity or permanent deformation is involved.

    Fa-Hwa Cheng,


    Fundamental Concepts and Principles
    Resultant of Coplanar Force Systems
    Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems
    Analysis of Structures
    Concurrent Spatial Force Systems
    Center of Gravity and Centroids
    Area Moments of Inertia
    Simple Stresses
    Mechanical Properties of Materials
    Torsion of Circular Shafts
    Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Beams
    Stresses in Beams
    Design of Beams for Strength
    Deflections of Beams
    Statically Indeterminate Beams
    Combined Stresses

    And perhaps a classic - for $122.00 from Prentice-Hall (Pearson)
    E. P. Popov (Egor)
    http://vig.prenhall.com/catalog/academic/product/0,1144,0137261594-TOC,00.html [Broken]
    Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1999, 864 pp.
    ISBN 0-13-726159-4

    1. Stress.
    2. Strain.
    3. Axial Deformation of Bars: Statically Determinate Systems.
    4. Axial Deformation of Bars: Statically Indeterminate Systems.
    5. Generalized Hooke's Law: Pressure Vessels.
    6. Torsion.
    7. Beam Statics.
    8. Symmetric Beam Bending.
    9. Unsymmetric (Skew) Beam Bending.
    10. Shear Stresses in Beams.
    11. Stress and Strain Transformation.
    12. Yield and Fracture Criteria.
    13. Elastic Stress Analysis.
    14. Beam Deflections by Direct Integration.
    15. Beam Deflections by the Moment-area Method.
    16. Columns.
    17. Energy and Virtual Work.
    18. Classical Energy Methods.
    19. Elastic Analysis of Systems.
    20. Plastic Limit Analysis.

    Answers to Odd-numbered Problems.
    Conversion Factors between U.S. Customary and SI Units.
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    Thanks Astronuc.!
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