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Book on quantum physics for electronics engineers

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    hello friends, i am an electronics engineering student. i will have to study quantum physics in my coming semester and which will be followed by a solid state physics course and then may be with some semiconductor course too.

    so what i want to know is some good book on quantum physics which will make me capable to go through my future courses(i mentioned) with out any difficulty.

    i know about "concepts of modern physics" by Arthur beiser by McGraw Hill and one other book called "introduction to quantum mechanics" by David j. griffiths that they are good for quantum physics but i just wanna ask about which would be better from my perspective. what i think after reading the table of contents of the two books is that one by a. beiser is more general and focuses also on topics other than quantum.....so does it do that after handling quantum thoroughly(what i would require in my future courses) or just providing only that part which is required by later chapters.

    and what about the one by David J. griffiths? please also recommend some other book that you think is better than both of these for electronics engineering's subject of studies. thanks in advance,
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