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Book on real analysis

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    iam reading analysis by terence tao 2 i can understand the book but cannot express the steps properly while writing proofs and solutions so please suggest me some book which has elaborate steps which can help me in writing whole steps involved in the solution
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    Check out Bartle and Sherbert, Rudin, or Spivak.
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    Rudin is arguably the best. Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin, it's the standard text for analysis classes for a reason.
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    Rudin might not be what you're looking for. There are no elaborate steps in the sense that Rudin provides very clean and concise proofs. If you're looking for a text that will fill in a few steps here and there for you, Rudin is not the place to look. Isn't Tao's text based off of his lecture notes? If so, you should probably just stick with that, since Tao's notes are exceptionally clear and he includes a quite a bit of detail in his proofs.
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    It is standard because it is the book the previous generation used and they want to inflict it on the next. Also it is ridiculouly overpriced. That said while baby Rudin provides the reader with neither insight nor enjoyment it does build "character".
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    Based on what you're looking for, "The Way of Analysis" by Robert Strichartz might be helpful.
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    I am personally using the book Introduction to Real Analysis by William T. Trench it's great for self study and It's not a book that requires you to be "tricky".
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