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Book on String theory or LQG

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    What book should I read for pleasure... thats not too large hopefully about either String theory or LQG. I have already read the Elegant Universe. I have to read a book for class.
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    the only thing I can think of the might fill the bill is Brian Greene's

    I remember you enjoyed "Elegant"
    so you like his style and can read the next book for pleasure
    it should be an easy read, compared with books about LQG I can think of,
    it is about String (thus hits one of your two targets)
    you can read it for class, and do a book report that both the teacher and some other students will understand
    so it seems like the only choice.

    I cant give a direct recommendation because i havent read any Brian Greene.

    If you want something less usual, there are two books by Lee Smolin:

    The Life of the Cosmos

    Three Roads to Quantum Gravity

    either would probably fill the bill and you might get some new ideas in the bargain
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    I read both the elegant universe and his latest one. I forget the name right nowl..

    I do like his writing style, he always seems to work homer simpson in ;p He can reach the common man lol
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    The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene is pretty good, but it's lengthier than Smolin's Three Roads to Quantum Gravity. I would recommend Three Roads to Quantum Gravity. It gives you a little taste of something other than string theory.

    Paden Roder
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    thanks, I also have been reading reviews on fabric of the cosmos and people say it just restates what the elegant universe did.
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    Fabric of the Cosmos ends up with a rapid survey of what's in Elegant Universe but from a different perspective, and it does the history of twentieth century quantum theory which a lot of other books do too. I found that Greene's insight is a reason to read the book, but not a reason sufficient to make me want to buy it.
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    Oh I already bought the book, I have a large collection of books I have yet to read that I bought on String theory and Quantum physics

    i'll be back with a list sometime
  9. Dec 5, 2004 #8
    What would people think about reading

    Quantum: A guide for the perplexed
    Jim Al-Kahalili
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    It seems to have awesome reviews at amazon and I already own it so I think I am going to start reading it.
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