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Book: Punk Science

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    I was browsing a local bookstore a while back, and saw this book, but decided to not get it because I already had plenty of reading to do for my classes, but my girlfriend knew I wanted it so she got it for me for christmas. So I finally starting reading it the other day, and it really has me going already. It's intended purpose it seems is to prove there is a god by using quantum physics. It really points out some pretty incredible stuff. Just wondering if anyone else has strolled upon this book? Definately a great read...
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    Here is a summary I found online:

    It seems like the book is more about new-age spirituality then it is about science. Black Hole Principle? My favorite part of the summary is the phrase "demonstrates the proof".
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    Sounds like a rerun of 'The Dancing Wu Li Masters'. :rolleyes:
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    My favourite part is

    "...most scientists say that such phenomena are not possible, or "real"..."

    No they don't. Most scientists simply say "show me".
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    Sounds like a must read for any terminology wielding crack pot.
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    Chi Meson

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    Link not working.
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    I thought the scientology crackpots had already cornered that end of the market.
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    Chi Meson

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    I fixed it.
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    maybe it should have been named Junk science. Lots of quirky paradoxical phenomenon that black holes and quantum riddles bring to the table, but it is no proof of God. On the contrary, the universe is becoming increasingly rational w/o one, so why duck and hide now?
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