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Book Recommendation

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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend me some good books in Calculus and Algebra. My Mathematics is poor in my opinion and i feel i need to study it more. I am studying Economics, and plan to study Finance and Accounting next year. Im looking for books that start from the basics and dont assume prior mathematical knowledge.

    I have found the following books on Amazon, has anyone used these books?

    Harshbarger-Mathematical Applications for the Management
    Lial-Mathematics with Applications
    Stewart-Calculus (5th Ed)
    Lay-Linear Algebra and its Applications
    Anton-Elementary Linear Algebra Applications
    Hughes-Hallett-Calculus, Single & Multivariable (4th Ed)

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    One of the older editions of stewarts book along with a solutions manual should suffice for Calculus. Goodluck.
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    I like (Advanced) Modern Engineering Mathematics by Glyn James.
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