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Book recommendations to increase my basic knowledge of Chemistry and physics please!

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    My inquisitive nature gripped me when I read a brief history of time some years ago, since then I’ve read some of the other brilliant Stephen Hawking books. I’ve also enjoyed: How to build a time Machine, by Paul Davis, Why does E=MC2 by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw and, although in places I’ve had to re-read or cross reference, I’ve learnt so much, with each book exciting my interest further!

    A brief history of me!
    Regrettably for me, I found little of interest during my school years, I did not realise my enjoyment of the practical ‘Newtonian’ sciences or my intrigue of the Sub atomic, I underachieved at school, which included been placed in combined CSE Science (much like the current GCSE BETEC science I guess). To compensate, I’ve certainly had to put so much more effort into achieving to match my colleagues in my professional life (that bit I don’t regret!).

    Please recommend an interesting book to build my basic knowledge of chemistry and physics!
    After reading about the recent excitement and discovery of possible evidence of the Higgs boson, and having just read and enjoyed: The Grand Design, by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, I’ve come to the realisation that I have a gap in my basic knowledge of chemistry and physics! For instance as I enthusiastically read through the grand Design, I realised I need educating! i.e.: chemical elements, how do we go back, or perhaps to be more appropriate forwards, to form, from for instance the primordial universe / primordial elements more complex elements.

    I hope I’ve made sense! I feel one of you guy’s, after having read this will say he needs to read ………..!
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