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    Dear PF,

    Could any one advise me where I can find the following book:

    Dynamical symmetry breaking in quantum field theories - Miransky, V.A.

    Is itt possible to download from somewhere?

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    I could not find the title you mention, but here is another paper by the same author, found at two university libraries in Ohio via Ohiolink search, see in bold the author you look for:
    Conference Conference on Continuous Advances in QCD (2004 : William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute)
    Title Proceedings of the Conference on Continuous Advances in QCD 2004 : William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, Minneapolis, USA, 13-16 May, 2004 / editor T. Gherghetta
    Publish info Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2004
    Ohio State U U of Cincinnati
    Library Location Online Version Call Number/Serial Holdings Status
    Ohio State U SEL Stacks Book QC793.3.Q35 C64 2004 AVAILABLE
    U of Cincinnati GEOMATHPHYS Stacks phys QC793.3.Q35 C64 2004 DUE 12-12-05
    Advances in generalized parton distribution study / A. V. Radyushkin 3
    QCD dirac spectra and the Toda lattice / K. Splittorff, J. J. M. Verbaarschot 15
    Conformal symmetry as a template for QCD / S. J. Brodsky 30
    A variational look at QCD / J. Guilherme Milhano 44
    Baryons, IN[subscript C.] / R. F. Lebed 54
    Quark correlations and single-spin asymmetries / M. Burkardt 64
    Soft-collinear factorization and the calculation of the B [approaches] X[subscript 8][gamma] rate / M. Neubert 77
    Status of perturbative description of semileptonic quark decays / A. Czarnecki 91
    Heavy quark expansion in beauty : recent successes and problems / N. Uraltsev 100
    Polarization, right-handed currents, and CP violation in B [approaches] VV / A. L. Kagan 115
    Lifetimes of heavy hadrons / A. A. Petrov 129
    Inclusive B-decay spectra and IR renormalons / E. Gardi 139
    Summing logs of the velocity in NRQCD and top threshold physics / A. H. Hoang 150
    B [approaches] [pi], K, [eta] decay formfactors from light-cone sum rules / P. Ball, R. Zwicky 160
    Understanding D[subscript sJ][superscript *](2317), D[subscript sJ](2460) / F. De Fazio 170
    Search for dark matter in B [approaches] S transitions with missing energy / M. Pospelov 180
    Exotica / R. L. Jaffe 191
    Quark structure of chiral solitons / D. Diakonov 215
    Do chiral soliton models predict pentaquarks? / I. R. Klebanov, P. Ouyang 227
    Baryon exotics in the 1/N[subscript c] expansion / E. Jenkins 239
    Large N[subscript c] QCD and models of exotic baryons / T. D. Cohen 251
    Baryon and anti-baryon production at RHIC / J. I. Kapusta 261
    QCD at the boiling point : what does hadron production at RHIC tell us? / R. J. Fries 273
    Nuclear physics at small x / D. E. Kharzeev 283
    Saturation physics meets RHIC data / Y. V. Kovchegov 293
    Confinement and chiral symmetry / A. Mocsy 303
    Gapless superconductivity in dense QCD / I. A. Shovkovy 313
    Inhomogeneous color superconductivity / G. Nardulli 323
    Spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking and other surprises in [sigma]-model at finite density / V. A. Miransky 335 Analytical approach to Yang-Mills thermodynamics / R. Hofmann 346
    Exotic superfluids : breached pairing, mixed phases and stability / E. Gubankova 357
    Quantum weights of monopoles and calorons with non-trivial holonomy / D. Diakonov 369
    Noncommutative solitons and instantons / F. A. Schaposnik 381
    Breather solutions in field theories / V. Khemani 393
    Quantum nonabelian monopoles / K. Konishi 403
    Dilute monopole gas, magnetic screening and K-tensions in hot gluodynamics / C. P. Korthals Altes 416
    Supersizing worldvolume supersymmetry : BPS domain walls and junctions in SQCD / A. Ritz 428
    New topological structures in QCD / F. Bruckmann, D. Nogradi, P. van Baal 440
    Viscosity of strongly coupled gauge theories / P. Kovtun, D. T. Son, A. O. Starinets 455
    AdS/CFT duality for states with large quantum numbers / A. A. Tseytlin 464
    Planar equivalence : from type 0 strings to QCD / A. Armoni, M. Shifman, G. Veneziano 478
    Gauge theory amplitudes, scalar graphs and twistor space / V. V. Khoze 492
    Weak supersymmetry and its quantum-mechanical realization / A. V. Smilga 504
    Nonperturbative solution of Yukawa theory and gauge theories / J. R. Hiller 515
    Fermionic theories in two-dimensional noncommutative space / E. F. Moreno 527
    Nonabelian superconformal vacua in N = 2 supersymmetric theories / R. Auzzi 537
    Predictions for QCD from supersymmetry / F. Sannino 547
    Self-duality, helicity and background field loopology / G. V. Dunne 557
    The optical approach to Casimir effects / A. Scardicchio 569
    At the crossroad : perpetual questions of the fundamental physics here and now / A. Losev 579
    Descript'n xi, 588 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
    Note Includes bibliographical references
    Subjects Quantum chromodynamics -- Congresses
    Alt name Gherghetta, Tony
    William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute
    Other titles Continuous Advances in QCD 2004
    QCD 2004
    LC NO QC793.3.Q35 C64 2004
    OCLC # 60249429
    ISBN 9812560726
    Isn/std # .b58939349
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    According to WorldCat there are 87 libraries worldwide that own this book. If you are affiliated with a University, use their WorldCat system to borrow the book from another library. Everywhere I looked on the net I couldn't find a copy for sale. If you want to buy it try to contact the publisher. They may have a few in storage.
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    All of u thks Gents :)
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