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Book stand made from straws

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    I'm working on a little project here.

    I'm supposed to build a bookstand made out of around 50 straws and tape. They're the only materials I'm allowed to use.

    It's supposed to be able to hold my hardbound physics book, which is 2.5kg, for more than a minute.

    The higher the book is from the ground, the better.

    I've thought about just building a rectangular tower and placing the book at the top. They didn't really define what they mean by 'bookstand'.

    Any other ideas or tips? :)
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    How thin and long are the straws? Try to form some kind of truss, using small straw bundles.
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    The straws are around 10 inches, and flimsy. They're not the bendy kind, though.

    That's what I was thinking from the start. Though I need another plan in case the tower thing doesn't work.
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    http://www.1888freeonlinegames.com/submitgames_play.php?id=2091 [Broken]

    Have fun!
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    That was a pretty nice simulation. :D
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