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Book wanted: Overview of Genetics

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    I am looking for a fairly comprehensive, well written overview of cell functions, DNA, Genes, Protiens, bacterium, viruses (virii?), reproduction, gestation, etc...

    One that covers genetics and life from an easy to read and sensible perspective for people who are not University-Schooled biologists.

    Basically an easy to read and follow Biology and Genetics 101 course in a book.

    Any recommendations?
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    Not sure how complicated/in-depth you are interested in. I am in grade 12 and I find our textbook to be quite useful. it may prove to be too simple for what you are looking for, but it covers simple genetics, the basis of DNA synthesis, systems of the human body and a number of other subjects. I believe it's called Nelson Biology.
    Hope this helps,
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    Here's an amazing book I use for my AP Biology II class. It's very descriptive with amazing illustrations. Life The Science of Biology Seventh Edition by Purves, Sadava, Orians, and Heller.
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    I will check them out.
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    I got one more, its explains the whole DNA process in a nutshell, then goes deep into DNA's purpose and the way it effects our lifes a very good book: Genome by Matt Ridley
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    You should DEFINATELY get The Cell, by Garland publishing a CD-rom comes along with it and every topic is covered, from dna and proteins to development of organisms.
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    Absolutely, any time I have a question about cell and molecular biology I turn to that book. I am not sure if it is as easy to read as what you are looking for though??? Although, it does have drawings, which seem to explain even the most difficult concepts in a way that is easy for anybody to understand.

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    Just becareful when you buy the book in a store, that you don't break the CDrom on your way home.. :rolleyes: I did, but luckily got it replaced.. I heard others who had the same problem.
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