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Books about string theory

  1. Dec 28, 2017 #1
    What are the books that speak about string theory you would suggest me?
    And the book against this theory?
    (I'm an undergraduate physics student)
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    For undergraduate physics students, the best book is Zwiebach, "A First Course in String Theory". It is a serious technical book, but at an introductory pedagogic level suitable for undergraduates.

    There is no fully technical book against string theory, but the best book (on a semi-popular level) against string theory is Woit, "Not Even Wrong".

    Finally Jones, "String Theory for Dummies" is a great fully popular-level book which contains arguments both for and against string theory.

    At the end, when you get tired of serious thinking about strings, you can relax by listening a great song about them:
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    Thanks a lot!
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