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Books for different subjects

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    I am just wondering if there is any suggested book list or we can make a suggested book list for different subjects.
    Because i recently realize a good book is often more useful than a good teacher (and also cheaper...)
    But it is really hard to actually look at the content of it for particular subjects.
    And categorise it as mathematical, theoretical, fictional, beginners, etc.
    It would help infinite number of students who are interested in advance science.
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    Well, with regards to textbooks, PF has at least two canonical threads

    The Best Textbooks Thread (very recent)
    Physics Textbooks

    and a subforum

    Science Book Reviews (includes non-textbooks)

    Also, two very useful external links are

    Chicago Undergraduate Physics Bibliography
    http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Administrivia/booklist.html edit: their server is not working as of the moment I'm writing this

    Also, www.amazon.com[/URL] has as very many reviews, mostly by students, of most texts.

    I think this is the first time I've seen [i]all[/i] these links in one post! I'm proud of myself.
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    so should we post textbooks here are over on the first link?
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    There's no need to make a new one. rachmaninoff mentioned a variety of lists so there is no point in wasting time. Out of every list that you look at, just see the ones that commonly pop up for a specific course. But be aware that some blatantly mention textbooks that they use and not actually what's good.
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