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Books for Inorganic Chem?

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    I am sorry if I have posted this thread in the wrong place, but I am looking for good books on Inorganic Chemistry..

    I need to build up a good base of this branch of Chemistry coz I am quite weak at it..My organic chemistry is strong though...

    Actually, I want a book on this topic for IIT-JEE (a top level Engineering entrance exam after completing skool)....

    Can anyone suggest any?

    Thanx a lot!
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    Inorganic chemistry for engineering? I'm not too familiar with it. It you are refering to theories in inorganic chemistry there are many branches, nevertheless some of the more broader in topic are organicmetallic chemistry (some inorganic topics), general chemistry (many of the important theories in inorganic chemistry) and perhaps you should search for inorganic chemistry books on ebay.

    Online help with chemistry
    http://groups.msn.com/GeneralChemistryHomework [Broken]
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    HI Highlytoxic...

    Here's a list of books that are very popular for JEE prep out here:

    1. IIT JEE Chemistry by OP Agarwal
    2. Inorganic Chemistry by Dr. OP Tandon

    If you are interested in Physical Inorganic Chemistry, you might want to check out Clyde & Day as a reference.

    Eventually, for the JEE exam, you must know virtually all the material (the equations and the explanations) as the questions posed can be quite tricky and if you are lucky, they can be quite simple too :-D

    Which books are you currently using?

    To improve your foundation, a consistent course which teaches you a lot about the Periodic Table is very essential mate; so make sure you understand the Periodic Table in depth.

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