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Books for QED ?

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    Suggest some good books in QED for a beginner ? I have holidays going on after my exams so thought if i could study something new on my own (i don't know how much will i be able to grasp ) although its not in my course .
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    QED by Richard Feynman
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    QED by Richard Feynman is a MUST of course.

    You should also have a look at "Quantum Revolution II: QED: The Jewel Of Physics" by G. Venkataraman (http://www.universitiespress.com/display.asp?categoryID=&isbn=978-81-7371-003-2" [Broken]). I don't know whether it would be easily available in your part of the world.
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    I can't find one on net & don't want to purchase one as it will not be of any use as my course doesn't cover this , any ebook site link pls ?
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    Dyson's advanced qm has some coverage of qed, and he was one of the founders of the theory.

    Srednicki's qft textbook does the basics of spin 1 field theory, the only thing you should know is that one of the things that he wanted to do different from other books was to move away from all those cumbersome old qed calculations to more modern topics, so I don't know how happy you will be with this, but it's worth a shot--
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    It's less than 12 bucks at amazon.

    If you really don't want to spend 12 bucks then search for "feynman" at mininova.org and download the "NZ lectures".
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    Did you try checking your local library? I wouldn't be surprised if they were to have it, since it is a very popular book.
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    i have downloaded ebooks from mininova , already read the book The strage theory of light & matter upto the electron portion .

    I am in india so 12 buicks will mean around Rs 600 which is a lot
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