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Books for self-learning physics

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    Hello! I am a high-schooler, and I was thinking of learning physics on my own. Can anyone please suggest me some good books for self-learning physics?

    Also, I thought of strengthening my math as well(I only know upto the basics of differential calculus). So I recently started learning calculus from Silvanus P.Thompson's "Calculus Made Easy", and found it really easy to follow. Can anyone also please tell me what branches of math are necessary for learning physics, and also suggest some books like the one I mentioned above?

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you! :D
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    For physics, get a book like https://www.amazon.com/Physics-1-David-Halliday/dp/0471320579 or any book with the title "physics for scientists and engineers". It's a lot to read, but it's necessary to get a grasp on physics.

    As you are already familiar with caclulus, maybe you should start reading a book like Apostol or Spivak?
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    I'm guessing that you haven't studied much physics in high school, so i would recommend trying to find this book "The Road to Reality", Roger Penrose either at a library, or online. Don't buy it unless you really enjoy it, but it's a great outline to go by. Open Courseware is also a great online resource(ocw.mit.edu ), along with Kahn Academy. If you take the time to master calculus you should be able to understand most of the basic concepts and applications of the different branches of physics.
    Hope it helps
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    Thank you for your replies!:D

    I have seen Resnick-Halliday, but I really don't feel like it's my style of learning...I learn better with a chatty style of teaching, rather than a formal style...something along the lines of Feynman...unfortunately, the Feynman lectures involve some complex math, so I have read only the Six Easy Pieces part...

    As for Apostol or Spivak, I'm already learning calculus from Calculus Made Easy, but I'll give it a try when I'm done with it.

    I have gazed through "The Road to Reality", and I find it a bit(actually a lot!) tough for my level...

    I'll try khanacademy and OCW right away! :)
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